Birdman - WET PAINT Lyrics

Yeah Nigga we gotta fly muhfuckin whip you hear me?
we pull up you hurd me? feelin' like them hoes gon' fuck your car huh?
(lets go) pussy like candy, pussy wet candy, bitchies wanna fuck my pussy wet candy, my ice so hot ( hot ) car so clean (clean) leather so soft bitch you know what i mean...
my money so long, game so strong, spank the bitch, spank the bitch send the bitch home...

Verse 1:
you know i pull up in this vet nigga gettin this change (gettin this change) bitchies been watchin' me doin mah thang, headin to the vet, bitchies and far country we be waitin on tha left
see me in a lim hundred, uptown rap hunna, uptown get money , uptown we stuntin

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