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Newfire - Walk Through The Wilderness Lyrics

Words and music by Jonathan and john p. Firey

My faith was surely shaken
When I reached the end of my rope
Abandoned and forsaken
Left hurting without hope
All I did was wonder why
This would be your perfect plan
Then you wiped the tears from my eyes
And now I understand

I had to walk through the wilderness to find the promise land
I had live through the lonliness to reach out for your hand
And if I´d never faced the giants
I´d never found the strength to stand
I had to walk through the wilderness to reach the promise land

I picked the path most traveled
But it was full of dead end streets
Then I watched my dreams unravel
And it brought me to my knees
When I finally reached the bottom
I traded all my fear for faith
Now my life has truly started--
I am better for the wait


I´m not gonna live my life anymore
With these questions from before
And all the "where did I go wrongs"
All the "what ifs" "not sures"
All the pain and hurt is gone


© 2009 NewFire Publishing / ASCAP

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