Bow Wow - Potential Lyrics

I can't believe I recording this shit in my closest
It's the nigga you love to hate (What?)
Still the dude all females want to date

I'm running hip hop
I might need a water break
Speaking of breaks I don't take those much
Ya'll ain't coming back stage if ya'll ain't gon fuck
You wasting my time
Girl I could be smoking a blunt
I feel invisible
Like I can do whatever I want
And all this ice in my watch
Got my wrist feeling numb
You only get 1 chance of life
I hope you living it up
So bartender pull the ace of spades and fill up my cup
Not to be cocky
Every beat I get
Don't I fuck it up?
It's Cash Money over everything
Stunner what up
And I really don't trust niggas
So I keep my guide up
And these money hungery hoes
Try to get me caught up
It's Boweezy but I'm better known as Shad Moss
I sign my own checks
Even Hugo know I'm a boss
And out of my career I say I took 1 lose
But that wasn't on me
That was Sony's fault
Say that wasn't on me that was Sony's fault
(Damn that's kind of fucked up)
But let's do it

So I hear them say
I got potenital
When I could be next to great
And thy saying it's my time
I won't be late
So right here in the studio is where I stay
(Right here in the studio is where I stay)...
Cash Money CMB
Get with it
L B Dub

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