Bow Wow - I'm Goin' In Lyrics

This what they want
So I'm gon give it to them

It's ya boy DJ Jus
A.K.A Mr. Level Ten
We getting so much money over here baby
This that L B Dub gang shit right here
Ya'll ain't ready
Bow let's go man
Round 1 nigga

Money to the ceiling
I'm Lamborhgini whiping
And I can make a muthafucking million in a minute
My girl is dominic
My swear my flow da illest
And all I do is floss
You can even ask my dentist
Bow be on da other shit
All da hoes lovin it
Bought two phantom's in one day for the fuck of it
Iced out rolly
Balling like janobi
You so local
Overseas know me
Treat me like a tuba baby girl and just blow me
Got a bad white bitch
And she know Kobe
Say you getting money muthafucka
Then show me
Kush got me so high
I'm seating in the nose bleeds
Rap beef I ain't gon participate in none of dat
All white tee blue jeans with a fitted cap
Always finish first place
Columbus is my birth place
Buzz bigger than where R. Kelly dropped his sextape

Shout out to all the DJ's out there
That's doing their thing on the radio
Ya'll got to spin this back a thousand times man
Let's go Bowweezy round 2 nigga

I keep it real niggas know the deal
Money on my mind
I'm thinking how I'm gon get another mill
And I don't pay for girls
They let me fuck for free
Got girls on my twitter
Saying how they love fuckin me
How they love suckin me
These girls can't get enough of me
These hoes studded cuffin me
They hands all down my dongares
Was Lil Bow Wow
Now I'm just Bow now
Big faces small faces
Money tell as Yao now
Ya baby momma jockin me
She won't give me my privacy
I'm something like Dwight up in the paint
Ain't no stopping me
Aye who you is?
Mr. 106 is back
And I'm clean than a bitch
Like they ran me through a laundromat

Now that's how we finish these nigga off man
We stunting out here man
Let's get to the money Bow
It's only right u know what I mean
That da boy DJ Jus
Come on here and so some love u know what I mean
Why not
Nigga L B Dub gang
And this dat L B Dub gang
Of course L B Dub gang
L B Dub gang

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