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REBA MCENTIRE - Back Before The War Lyrics

(dan hillkeith stegallrobin wiley)

Stacks of papermy name in bold print
Yours right besides it on this document
Too many lawyerstoo many angry words
So much we didn't sayso much we never heard
Do you remember
When I was all that you were living for
Back before the war

Back before the broken vows
The shattered trustthis empty house
When nothing really mattered but us
Back before we climbed too high
My dreams were yoursyour dreams were mine
Back before we fell so out of touch
Back before the war

Children's laughter trailing down the hall
Tiny footstepsGod how I miss it all
It's not as simple as who's right and who's to blame
How could we fly so high to be shot down in flames
Do you remember
When you were all that I was living for
Back before the war

Repeat chorus

Stacks of paperI guess this is where we sign
Strange how your signature so closely matches mine
I never dreamed our love would ever come to this
Avoiding each other's eyes still craving your tenderness
Do you remember
When love was all that we were living for
Back before the war
Back before the war

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