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TRAVIS PORTER - Black Boy White Boy Lyrics

Black boy white boy
Everybody looken like what do I have on.
If you wanna know just pay attention to this song

Black boy white boy

I'm versatile, black boy white boy style screamin @my sho dat white hoe goin wild you can cal me mr porterblack boy white boy white boy b**** lookenon my chest & my levi briches I think I might get it b*** blown kisses b***see me getten krishes travis porter chicken every white head lie my black boy white boy ticket see me in the club throwen black boy white boy briches black boy white boy clean black boy white boy clothes black boy white boy style make the black girl white girl know me everybody looken like what do I have on if you wanna know just pay attention to this song

I&I dress so sporty man black boy white boy shaw like a shortys on me man & I'm super stiff I point at shorties when I dance why you walk like that becuz a horse is on my pants polo &american eagle fly like seagle the way I rock ever she should be eago I'm a t porter boy I tear that like a porter boy black boy white boy s****jumpin out the water boy

Black boy white boy

American eagle white boy houses don't even say it that's a white boy type s**** but I'm a black boy she want a black boy &that's a fat boy look at my hat boy nike boots &sum levi jeans mo hawk on the side that's a white boys thing I'm spiffy I'm clean look at my cuff on my jeans you talken proper like king you did it again {chorus}now listen everybody this here has been a travis porter #1 exclusive me yung quez strap & ile &this is the white boy talkin &that black boy that came awwww man a but furreal though this is not no way shape &form of fashion a racial slurr f**** it if you feel me black boy white boy I'm spiffy

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