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Redman - Blow Your Mind Lyrics

A-hem.. hit me
This is goin down
What's goin down?
Yo yo yo reggie nobledrop that beat inhah!
Give it to megive it to me

Ahhhh!! look outit's the funkadelic funk for chumps
Who don't be knowin my nameI tear the frame out ya punks
I make ya slidemake ya slipmake ya wanna backflip
I get biz with the skitI dj like quik
The topnotch of the blockcause I carry a glock
Only hot rocks I'm hotso give up the props
My style is hummin cummin atchaduck or get backed up
Dispatcher: 'redget freaky to the rapture'
So come on light the buddha check your honey while I scoop her
The soopaflyjimmy fly snooka rips the roof off
Then hook off on your crewto the check of one to two
It's you! ahhhhhhhhhhh! funky fresh in the flesh trail
Come on and get down and boogie oogie with the ruffneck
Hit women like madonna all the way down to smurfette
But first get your tables I roast your whole record label kids
Yo red! (whassup g? ) briiiiiidge!

Look out.. ahhhhh!

Can I tear the roof off this mother? it's the funkdafied brother
Then I laughbecause I burn ya like _backdraft_
So call the fire engine cause I'm flamin up your buildin
_one life to live_ so the funk is in _all my children_
Cause I can get wicked like the witches from eastwick
And freak the type of funk to make all y'all teeth grit
And crumblemy style is more flyer than ? brundle ?
Fly from the fly part one to fly part two
Psychobetap-funkgot styles hard as tree trunks
For real punkyou got a bluntlight it cause I need one
And get down with the irrelevant funk to make ya jump
With the fly human beingwatch me freak it in korean

Chu ri ka pi kyura mulla kara
Nu gu nya nada na na nun redman
Na bo da challan nom hana do upda
Yi sae sang cheil eu na nun redmanmy man

[ get awayget off meget lost]
[ who am iI amI'm redman]
[ there's no one better than me]
[ the world's best is redmanmy man]

I rip shop in hip-hop I get props my lip rocks
The rap stuff's more spooky than movies from hitchcock
Sit back relax let me rip to the funk track
And press rewind if I haven't blown your mind

Errrk! let me get busy with the funky fly stuff
Cause I cut your freakin eyes outfuck bruce willis because I die rough
It's the funkadelic redman and I hit ya with the
Funkadelic levelthe p-funkthe devil
The spectularblackulabust holes like dracula
Loaded of coursemore legend than acura
I'm swiftI like big spliffs so I tisk tisk a tasket
Plus keep the glock in my basket
I cough up a lung cause I freak it with the tongue
Cause I can 'wax on! wax off!' like daniel-son
Do the yea yeaboogey say up jump the boogey
To the boogey to the boogey thanks to e cause he hooked me
So fuck what ya heardword to herbcause I mack
Framalamaplus I kick the grammarstraight from -- new jerz
It's the renegade rap redmanreally who rip rhymes in rough mode
Yohold your breath while I explode!


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