Redman - Rollin' Lyrics

Nineteen ninety mother fuckin six
That's that shit though
Get the motherfuckin squad packed
We got to pull these shoes out like carpetword is bond
Test the crew with the guns and let's get this shit on

Whymust I be like that? whymust I pack the gat?
On my leftniggaz be rollin with the ruckus
Ready to get deep bust rounds upon some suckaz
Heard ppp and lod is a bunch of crazy motherfuckers
Journey to the land is on
The winner of the spittin bomb marathon
The fuck you up lyrathonwhatever you choose
Prepare to lose that title
Turnin vital situations suicidalmy idolsis my uncles
Who started smokin weed outta bibles
Gave me a puff when I bust my first rifle
Men-estration cyclesI give bitches
Bring your craziest niggaI'll give stitches
Whatevago crew for crewblow for blow
Bang your headpiece and sniff the snow off your hoe
I keep it rollin...

Ask yourself man
How ugly do you have to be to be a hardcore mc?
Niggaz be fooled by my plaques and my light skin complexture
My whole texture is bombindestroyin da schools of the wack
From the land of the lostyou get tossed
Listen to my veloc(ity)my crew's comin off
Yeahmore sneaky than casino switches
Diggin ditches for all moskino bitches
Clockin decimal figuresI'm gettin out diggers
Now my choice of truck is a land
Cause a landcruise much bigger
It pack two to three more niggaz
Damn I hate a golddigger
Yeahgimme that microphone
I make opponents shit bricks like tyson's home
I keep the jacked cellular phone blown in three zones
Love seafood and keep my nine millimis chrome
So it can shine up your dome
When I proceed to give you what you need and clear spots like sea breeze
Wreckin your ass armaggedeon style
Twenty four seven while
My crew chin check your profile

I'm the master of disastersuper rhyme maker
Grimy by naturedatabase maker
Play em out like segasaturn
Blow your blocks in patterns for about nine acres
Testescrew wearin bulletproof and double s's
Karl kani downcamoflouge can't hide the sounds
Of a fo' pound (boo-yaa)
Givin you six flagsbustin merry go rounds
But my crew stay ill with that unreal appeal
I be the raw watermy cheek bones outta have gills
Below like the opera
Smooth on the trigger for all you block cockers
I be the key to criminology
Blast and rotate enemies at three buck sixty
Pick meas your senator
Take the dove from your battlefield sonfuck pat benatar
Runhead for the hills
Back in the daythese niggaz rolled up on me with
The trunk filled with bomber brooklynssheeps and quartervilles
Aiyyo take that shitaiyyo money snap the grill
Body caught chills as he ate this nine mil
Mine kills two but my nine was sign sealed
And ready to deliverbut money had me too close
To reach for toastsoon as that nigga blink I broke ghost
Dash back to south orange ave with dollar bill to smoke dope
I keep em rollin...

This is dj say what? ? on this motherfucker
Sayin the dick is longbut my time is short
Before I gojust remember
If your box ain't on fds radioyou're fuckin up

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