Bizzy Bone - Hoodtails Lyrics

AK's, Calico's, to 45's
I abide by the rules, what I gotta buy
Can let it by, too many niggas gotta die
Once you got one in the head, 19 in the side
So keep these shoes tied, it might be a homicide
In my blood, all the killas on my momma's side
Eight block cheese, nigga what the block read
Now my Beamer car keys wanted by the car thieves
Cock squeeeeze on these rats on my cock, pleaaase
All informal, get wet when the cop sneeze
Get'cha shit straight before you get'cha shit shaked
I'm only here to show you niggas what a brick makes
I kick Bapes, only wear 'em once
My red Pradas, strawberry blunts
These niggas fronts, like they gold fronts
Fadin in and out, now they comin in and out

Hoodtails, strictly for my niggas doin fed time
Dead time, lookin for Revelations, look in yo mind
Hoodtails, woodtails, shake yo stick
When you up in here, misunderstood the Holy Grail, can't have no fear

Hoodtails, strictly for my niggas doin fed time, dead time
Lookin for Revelations, look in yo mind
Hoodtails, woodtails, shake yo stick
When you up in here, misunderstood the Holy Grail, man have no fear
This is the order of the mail man
Christ, you'll never fail man
Logically, better watch what'chu goin
What'chu don't understand
Sands of the hour glass
Cameras when we shower fast
I'm clean as a whistle, like bald heads
And I smoke the class
Open that, battlin who?
Just keep it goin, emotions so close we knowin gifts
So precious stones keep goin, dear psychos
Get on the boat, but it's off of the route
We finna approach a new continuum, shit
Go ahead and let them know, say uh-oh
The keys to the castle, cross, you were dimed
Never ever tell a lie about mine, little Jesus, fine
We shinin in the after-life, what?
You think I'm lyin?
When I come back near this Milky Way where N.A.S.A. is blindin
As we keep the Sabbath Holy, dear Lord, that is un-touchable
That angel was so beautiful, gotta love him from a distance though
Quit it, oh shit, you know
This how we dip, we not worthy
Only God can love you more than us, quit it

The spitta with no adultery
Battle me, we gon' save ya
On a manjor, on a stranger, gonna tell him what it is
Rightousness the guide, when you're writing to live
Ain't no pain, no lies, no time for fear
But a little gangster in ya elo eems story the 10 versions
Allah who act wise, I sing to the surgeon
And four winds, one excursion
Sweat pourin outta the pourin pourage
And plus these portious portions
Of importless extortion
Never that, keep cool
An arm, no back
And little Lay still flippin
Carry the doubt, and might even track
Stay strapped, shit, relax
I'm chillin and feelin that
With no words, just love
Up the mountain, the fountains back
Countin stacks on my way to the court room, what
It's just dreams anyway, one love cause, and we buck
Thuggish ruggish and rough
Tough, and yes we humble
Turn the other cheek, stay meek in this royal rumble

Yeah, hoodtails
Woodtails, shake yo stick (Shake yo stick, nigga)
As I walked up to the serpent and he said "suck my dick"
I looked at him like, nigga this me, nigga
Who the fuck you talkin to?


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