Lloyd Banks - New Pussy Lyrics

Thi-thi- this is that G-shit! {"COLD CORNER"! }
Not-not that R'n'B shit! {THE MIXTAPE! }

Thi-thi- this is that G-Shit! {WHOO KID! }
Not-not that R'n'B...

Thi-thi- this is that G-Shit!
Not-not that R'n'B shit!
My-my my niggas need this! {DAMN! }
It's 2 G's Up! {COME ON! }

Put my back against the wall, I'm coming back! - Holding a Gat!
Don't get clapped - all over rap. Vision black - rat-tat-tat-tat
Tools on my gun wounds like big said, I get bread
Jealousy help my shit spread. - I smoke 'em like a rich dread (whoo!)
Chronic out the windpipe and keep his Gat with him tight (yeah!)
These other rappers feminine and wear their denim skintight!
I been right! - The win type - since my speed 10 bike (uh!)
Don't come without a invite - or feel the barrel spin by. (uh-huh!)
That fuck a hoe attitude that Snoop was on, I been on it (yeah!)
The only bag I bought a broad had McDonald's on it
Neck got diamonds on it! - That's why they climbin' on 'em. (yeah!) {Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo}
Reach, I eat the fuck food. (ha!) He'll look like piranha tore 'em. {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }
Bank$'ll connoisseur 'em, extinct, dinosaur 'em.
Run in a nigga crib - break the fine China on 'em! (pssh!)
He rap about big clips but he don't got 'em on 'em! (uh-huh!)
Scared to show his face in the bricks and he ain't got a warrant. (whaaaaooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh!)
We will crush whoever you bring if we cannot ignore it
Bet his mouth won't say nothin' slick with the heater knockin' on it.
Hoppin' out with everything! - Wear my jewelry everywhere.
Royal blue pennies with my Semi and my Pelle, yeah!
Yeah! - I been street aware way before the green
Murder scene, children know
I made it out the corridor. - They blowin' out enormous steam. (uh!)
'Cause I'm showin' all this guap. Bentley spur-forest green! (yeah!)
I'm already mean but if the engineer record it clean.
I'm a make 'em bling like the feeling when you dope a fiend,
Kush leaves from night to morn, three quarters of my life is porn.
My schedule ain't quite the norm, I barely got to write this song,
We don't follow right from wrong. - We do what the fuck we want!
Hot bitch, icey arm, catch me with the trunk in front. (whoo!)
These niggas ain't gon' like me long, fuck it let the punk get pumped
I carry like I'm licensed for 'em - nigga don't confront me drunk. (yeah!)
I crack 'em with' this empty rose, turn his head to humpty dump
I one night stand these hoes. - Better? for cunt (nah!)
Addict for the love of cash, bright future, troubled past,
Daiquiris and beach chairs, you gotta drive to cut my grass! (uuuuuuh-ooooooooooooooh!)
I pack like plaxico 'cause of the way my necklace glow (whooo!)
Hoes and 4 wheelers by the villas out in mexico! {DAMN! }
I love the dough! - X and O! - G mackin', steppin' slow
Bro, you a stepping stone, I'm known but I'm reppin' though. {Whoooooooooooo! }
Bring ya chick around, I'm takin' her home, makin' her moan
Makin' her scream, sendin' her back, now you mad, breakin' her phone. (whoo!)
Ain't no arguin', I'm grown, stay the fuck up out my zone
Get it, it hit it, then I'm gone! - Let my nigga get his turn. - Word! {COME ON! }

There's no pussy like new pussy,
There's no money like new dough, - I though ya knew hoe
I'm hood hoppin', you know how the 22's roll {CAN'T FORGET... }
Smokin' out the window of the Benz, yeah the usual {MONEY WRONG}
How the hell they gon catch me? - Them niggas too slow! {KAOS! }
Money over more shit, where I go, the crew go!
Tell me I ain't doin' my thang - the fuck is you, yo!
Catch me ridin' round with my thang, I drop a sumo. {DAMN! }
Sooner or later, matter of time, bet they all learn
Snitches die a thousand times, G's make the world turn. {DAMN! }

If you know what we know...
It's still M-O-B though! {HAHA}
Ha! {CAN'T FORGET... }
Yeah! {MONSTER! }


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