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Jenny Burton & Patrick Jude - Strangers In A Strange World Lyrics

A new kind of rhyme and rhythm
A new kind of poetry
A road I've never traveled
A brand new melody

I know I never met you
But somehow more and more
I get this funny feeling
That I've known you before

A stranger in a strange world
A world full of mystery
A stranger in a strange world
But you're no stranger to me

In your eyes I see places
Places that I've never seen
Things that I could never know
Yet somehow I know what they mean

We're so very different
We're like night and day
Your words they sound so strange to me
Yet I understand everything you say

[Repeat CHORUS]

Have we met before
In some other yesterday?
Have we met before
Or does love just make it seem that way?

Coming from different directions
Carrying different dreams
A brand new river flowing
From two very different streams

Worlds that come together
Somehow we have found
A bridge across our different?
To come and go

[Repeat CHORUS 2x]


Thanks to razvan

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