CHIEF CHINCHILLA - Bigg Buzz Beer Lyrics

I'd rather give you my big butt bitch
Than give you my Bigg Buzz Beer
So if you got a big bottle of Bigg Buzz Beer
Bitch, better bring it here

Where's my beer? I've been waitin all day
Brothers sellin bottled water on the freeway
92 degrees in the shade and I gotta quench my thirst
Chinchillas don't drink Gatorade
So I pulled off the Van Wyck, stepped into the sto'
See the Bigg Buzz Beer, cold fo'-oh
Pour a little on the curb for beer that sucks
DJ Bazarro, tell 'em what the fuck's up

Man baby got my buzz goin, she aight
But it's time for me to guzzle man, I hold tight
Liquor got me lifted, my brain be shifted
And gettin back to 'Chilla gotta give me a minute
See we do it like the old days, like the O'Jays
Sippin all day 'til I'm mugged in the face
She stay nice and cold, make me act real bold
Dis shit got me laid out on the living room flo' fool

("WHASSUP NIGGA? ") Bigg Buzz
("Punk-ass nigga~! ") Bigg Buzz


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