CHIEF CHINCHILLA - Project Paradise Lyrics

Gotta love Maui man, gotta love it

Hey son why you sittin in the middle of the projects
In a beach chair, with a hula necklace on?

PROJECTS? ! C'mon man don't you see these hula girls, these palm trees?
(Haha! Nah) It's beautiful man!

I see that hoodrat pushin her shoulder with some sneakers on the phone wires
You must be drinkin that Project Paradise again

On Beach
Lookin for a malt drink with a little flavor
Cause Chinchillas don't drink Bartyles & James
Alize is for pussies, and Hypnotiq's for lames
{"PROJECT PARADISE"} I copped and kept sippin
Them palm trees grew up out the project buildings
Hoodrat hoes turned into hula dancers
If you're broke and need a vacation nigga here's the answer

Hit the drank store, gotta spike my Snapple
Need six million proof that taste like pineapple
{"PROJECT PARADISE"} Stumble down the staircase
You outta Paradise? We at a stalemate
{"PROJECT PARADISE"} Got a lei on my neck
The luau's on the ave, Brimz in the tapedeck
{"PROJECT PARADISE"} Project liquor you gotta visit
Bury me with liquor and lotto tickets...

Hahaha, we drinkin {"PROJECT PARADISE"}
So if you need a vacation and ain't cheap enough for yo' ass
Get a bottle of Project Paradise; we give a fuck about the rainforest too
It comes in biodegradable tall cans nigga!


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