CHIEF CHINCHILLA - Pimp Potion Lyrics

Chief Chinchilla chin-chillin' with my main man Celph Titled
Down here in Tampa, Florida let 'em know about that new drank Pimp Potion...

It's a new drank in town, to get yo' drink on
Pimp Potion, the name you can trust
From the creators of Boss Hog Malt Liquor
And other various pimptacular products
If you need someone to lean on when you get your lean on
Don't call me - just go to your local liqua sto' and buy you some boy
Let's go~!

Yo, you can get it in the 40 or the tall can
And make a bitch panties slide off like hair gel on a bald man
Hell is a lost land, that you'll find yourself in
If you don't got the Potion in your system
Celph Titled is endorsin all flavors
The Bitch Gimme My Money Mango is my personal favorite
Try the Womanizer Watermelon
Or the Bitch I Don't Give A Fuck Fruit Punch and you'll loosen up

Pimp Potion, the potion for a pimp
Slap a bitch causin that commotion at the lip
Take a see-ip, if you know you a pimp
Only Hogs drink that shit and we're down to break a bitch

"Still here, best believe that dawg
Yeah, go get my car washed, y'knahmsayin?
And see if I can go, catch me, a nice pretty young bitch
Somebody that might like this pimpin"
"Like that" "Yeahhh~! "


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