CHIEF CHINCHILLA - Hey Mon Brew Lyrics

Chief Chinchilla, 'nuff respect my yout'
What a'gwan, ya wan' buy some ganja?

Yo whassup cutty?
Nah man, I can't smoke no more weed
Man the doctor said it's bad for me man
You know, puffs up my fur and...
I think now I'm just gonna stick to that Hey Mon Brew

What ta ras is Hey Mon Brew?

I'm Chief Chinchilla and I don't smoke ganja
I sip 'ey Mon Brew and throw dick to your momma
I drink a whole 40, and I'm ready to cum with dat
I don't smoke weed, stop bein a bumba ras (whattup)
Jamaica, Queens to Kingston, Jamaica
I drink 'ey Mon Brew since I was a first grader
Come up in the dance with a 'ey Mon Brew
Yo you heard I smoked weed that's some bullshit too mon

I don't smoke no more man, c'mon cutty
Stop tryin to sell me that shit
Cutty chill

Yo Chief, you're lyin a ras now my yout'
Let's go buy some weed now breddern or I'll go buy some

Ay Chief, come buy summa dis weed
(Naw 'ey Mon Brew got what I need)
Ay Chief, you wan' buy summa dis weed?
(Naw, 'ey Mon Brew got what I need)
Ay Chief, come buy summa dis weed
(Nahhh, 'ey Mon Brew got what I need)

Yo cutty, I'm outta here man
You stay up aight? Be safe
I'll catch you on the rebound cutty

Yo why ya goin out like a bitch or somebody
Let's go buy the weed now
Chief, Chief, come bak here now my yout'
Yo why you walkin from me for?
Yo aiyyo 'gwan some breddern yo?
Is it just a dat?
Man a go cast it right no a 'pon me
Right te gal call ya BITCH~!


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