"Astrology, mysterious science of the stars
The science of life itself, fascinating stories of life
I'd like to tell you a story... "

Aiyyo Chief Chinchilla
I seen you walkin down the block the other day with a 12 girl harem
And all 12 girls had different flavors of malt liquor
Whassup with dat man?

That's called Zodiac Pimpin playboy
I got a Pisces, bitch same sign as me
An Aries I been fuckin since '93
I got a Taurus with teeth like a walrus
But she give head so it's fine with me
I got a Gemini, bitch see the king in I
I got a Cancer that let's me bust in her eye
I got a dancer, a Leo, ferocious in bed
When ee drink Zodiac 40-o's to the head
I got a Virgo but she get on my nerves yo
I got a Libra, this chick named Lisa
My Scorpio's broke so I duck the bitch
My Sagitarrius chick only get one gift
Christmas or birthday, one or the other
My Capricorn broad I got beef with her mother
My Aquarius is cute but queer
And all my hoes drink Zodiac beer, give it to me

I got a harem of 12 girls, 12 different malt liquors
One for every Zodiac (that's beautiful) knahmean?
That's called Zodiac Pimpin, and if you want a sip
Bitch buy your own

"Zodiac! "


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