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CHIEF CHINCHILLA - O'douls Is For Fools! Lyrics

("Are you drunk? ! ") ("That's my problem Doctor.")
("I've been drinking and drinking and drinking, but I'm not drunk! ")
("Unfortunately! ")

You wanna know why you ain't drunk?
Cause you've been drinkin that non-alcoholic crap O'Douls
That bullshit ass beer ("WHAT'S UP NIGGA~? ! ")

One day I walked up to the sto'
Told the cashier I need a cold fo'-oh
But all he had left in his arsenal of brews
Was some other shit, called O'Douls
I took it home and took it to the head, waitin for a buzz
Two fuckin hours later still waitin for a buzz
Man what the FUCK? ! I musta got robbed
I looked at the bottle and I said ("God damnit! ")
Non-alcoholic beer, what the fuck for?
Nobody likes the taste of beer, be realistic
You want the taste but not the buzz? Well shit I musta missed it
That's like sayin you want pussy, but only for the syphillis
So now I got this beer aftertaste in my mouth
Money spent, man fuck...
I ain't rappin no mo' about this punk-ass beer man
Y'all wanna fuckin stay sober, drink orange juice it tastes better

(I drink O'Douls) Non-alcoholic beer
(I drink O'Douls) What the fuck, are you queer?
(I drink O'Douls) Nigga get the fuck outta here!
Yo aiyyo Zone don't even waste no more music on this punk-ass beer man
Fuckin O'Douls ("This is bullshit! ")
Fuckin crap, punk-ass hoe shit
Fuck that shit
Yo Zone I ever catch you drinkin O'Douls nigga I'll fuck you up


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