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CHIEF CHINCHILLA - Leave That Horse Alone! Lyrics

Welcome to the Surgeon General's Lounge
Where we down 40's and listen to doo wop all night
Next comin to the stage Louis Logic
Featuring The Farmers Blvd. Liqua Sto Quartet
Warning y'all about that Crazy Horse

Leave that Crazy Horse alone

But it be callin me man!

Leave that Crazy Horse alone

But it be callin me man!

Check it
One day I went to the sto'
To get me an ice cold forty-oh
I hit the cooler and had a choice
Olde English or Crazy Horse
I never drank that Horse befo'
I paid my dough and I was out the do'
I drank that Horse and saw a skirt
With a real fat ass and tried to flirt
We went to her place drunk as hell
And I lost my judgment and sense of smell
I went in raw and I'm sad to say
The next day I pissed out a gamma ray, shit

AHH! OHH~! Fuck, fuckin bitch, SHIT!
OHHHHH SHIT! Fuck... ooooh FUCK
AHHHHH! Ooooh, fuck, BITCH!

And the moral of the song
Is leave that Crazy Horse alone
Drink a V8 nigga... stupid ass

You shoulda had a V8 but you had to be bold didn't you?

Farmers Blvd. Liqua Sto Quartet, has now signed, to Prophylactic Records
Support 'em when the album comes out
And Louis Logic you already know that guy
Hahaha, peace~!


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