(Hi-N-Ergy!) Beat up your neighbor with a baseball bat
Run up in a long fuckin bank with a gat
Fuck wearin a mask, get all the cash
Then shoot the muh'fuckin bank teller in the ass
Take another sip of that (Hi-N-Ergy!)
Run a marathon and then shoot all your enemies
Shoot your fuckin friends too, then take a nap
Take another sip and shoplift at the Gap
Go to Williamsburg, stab all the hipsters
Find a stray cat pull off the nigga whiskers
Remove some asbestos with'cha bare hands
Go to a wedding and ruin their plans
Sip a (Hi-N-Ergy!) and piss in their cake
With a parakeet in the oven put him on bake
Go to a Crip hood with a red rag
Beatdown the mailman and wait to get bagged
Sip a (Hi-N-Ergy!) and get on some dumb shit
Go to Popeyes and shoot a nigga for a drumstick
Go to the precinct and kill all the cops
'til all this police brutality stops
(Hi-N-Ergy!) I'm sippin that

{my buzz is wearin off, damn I'm goin to jail}


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