CHIEF CHINCHILLA - Facelift Malt Lyrics

{Facelift Malt Liquor, for when your partner's just not attractive}

(Facelift Malt!) Fellas
That's what you drink when you creep with a busted chick
(Facelift Malt!) Ladies
Drink it when your man got beat by the ugly stick (EWW!)
(Facelift Malt!) When you're lyin in bed
Lookin at your partner like fuck this shit~!

Nigga I'm creepin, on my way to the liquor sto' thinkin
About how I can ditch this hoe
My girl's busted, a threat to humanity
But somehow I gotta make her look like Vanity
Beer goggles all day just to clear first base
Why the hell I let her in my house in the first place?
But I hear there's a brew called Facelift, take it
It'll make Godzilla look like
40 to the head down the whole fuckin bottle
And she went from a problem to a God damn model
God bless Facelift but it's like crack
Cause once you sober up there's no turnin back
Take three sips she'll turn into a 5
Might tongue kiss her if you down a whole quart
You got a supermodel if you drink a six-fo'
And wonder how the fuck she got cute enough to sport
But when the buzz dies down, you're no longer seein double
... Nigga then you in trouble

Are you sure I slept with you?
Like you're absolutely positively sure? (Yep)
There's a lot of brothers that look like me
It didn't have to be me, you sure it was me? (Yep)
I slept with you... really? (Yep!)
Damn Facelift! Really? You're positive?

So you are sure, damn really?
Abso-tute, abso-loose, abso-tute-lutely positively sure?
Are you sure? You're sure?


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