If you hadda asked me befo', I mighta could
But I'm to' up now

It would cause a mild riot

Aiyyo Al-Shid, tell 'em 'bout that new malt liquor that we drinkin
Before they go to the club, when they wanna wreck the place ("mild riot")

I'm sippin on a Mild Riot
Stolen from the sto', fuck tryin to buy it!
Malt liquor diet, that's what I'm on
(Nigga that's two 40's) But bitch the third one's the charm
There my nigga go, a hundred twenty ounces
Got me in the club, scarin all the bouncers
Cause they didn't count on a nigga like... me
I pull my dick out in the V.I.P. ("mild riot")
Pissin at the hoes, tight clothes niggaz look and act queer
Testin them pussies like a pap smear
Feet on the chair, in this white bitch's ear
Smellin like ("mild riot") damn bitch you need to try it

(I need my mild riot) Bitch it's gooder than a motherfucker
(I need my mild riot) I got some crazy ass hits now it's time to take a piss
(I need my mild riot) Mild riot, bitch it's gooder than a motherfucker
From the sto' to the club now it's on ("mild riot")

I'm to' up now!


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