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CHIEF CHINCHILLA - Real Man Drank (That Billy D) Lyrics

Billy Dee Williams is that you?
Aww brother I'm a big fan, my name is Chief Chinchilla man
I grew up watchin you man
Yo there's a lot of fine women in this party
What should we be givin 'em to drink man? Let me know man
"You wanna know why you should keep plenty of Colt 45 on hand? "
Why's that Billy? "You never know when friends might show up"
Yes~! Pass my Nu-Nile nigga

Billy Dee Williams and Chief Chinchilla
House party full of women and they all drinkin Miller? !?
Got our fingerwaves and silk suits... lookin lovely
But we don't drink Miller, and we don't drink bubbly
Lookin for somethin PEYIMP, but classic
Cause bubbly is too bougie and Olde E is just too nasty
Billy Dee told me, "Colt 45"
Let's give it to these hoes cause it works every time
(Don't let the smooth taste fool ya) because we'll pull out your weave
Put our gators in your ass, and tell you to leave

Real man drink
So smooth, and silky
I feel like puttin some Nu-Nile, in my chinchilla fur
{"The power of Colt 45"}
Chief Chinchilla and Billy Dee Williams keepin it real

"Ohhh... so this is what a real man drinks! Thank you"
That's right baby


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