LIL WAYNE - Off The Docks Lyrics

Non-stop youngn all around the clock,
Watchyou need get it fresh of the docks,
It don't stop, (uhuh)
I won't quit,
Say bud you talkn money then umm
Count me in

I hustle silk
Like I sell satin
And these n*ggas hustln backwards
Like pig latin
Dear captain
I'm too fast for these fucks
Man, the only time I see em
Is when I'm passn em up
That's right,
I run laps around the block for the guap
All I need is a gunshot and a watch
I see the finish line
I've seen it plenty times
Them n*ggas been behind
Them n*ggas spittn rhymes
For me it's business time
Yea, love and hate
I walk the thinnest line
And I point an AK
Right at the witness line
I'm on the paper chase
Fuck what they say
The only date marked on my calendar is pay day
And you could never get it Free like AJ
But I could get you more keys than Dre Day
All I do is call Capito Bergante
I just gotta call Capito Bergante

I never stop grindn
Even if Simon
Said it
I'm tryin to clean up like an edit
And if anything comes in town we let it
If not we get it
And put your life on credit
Jetted up the block
Did the cop
After the kid
With the roc
In his sock
Fuck the neighborhood watch
As soon as enough money is in my knot
I'm yelln "Who got them keys? ",
Like the game is on lock
My aims on, I'm locked
Like I spot
But my eyeballs are gunshots, they pop
Outta my head
When you show me the bread
And I bet I could get a chicken
If you sold me an egg
Have ho's walk the strip
Like they owed me a leg
And it's money over bitches
No Al and Peg
And on monday
I ain't thinkin bout Tuesday
Cause anyday could be my doomsday
I'm a hustla

Money machines
Big stacks of money in jeans
Never ridn on teens
These is grown fo
That I'm sittn on ho
Fuck with a president
Like I'm marilyn monroe
Evidence won't show
What I really know
I'm a gorilla
And there billy goats
I'm rare with the flow
I'm air with the flow
That mean I'm here, there,
Everywhere with the flow


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