Spectacular! - Break My Heart Lyrics

So you're the girl,
I heard the rumor,
You've got the boys wrapped around your finger,
Such a sweet heartbreaker,
If you're the game I wanna be a player,
Oh, you can do whatever you want,
It's alright with me,
Why don't you break my heart?
Make it hurt so bad,
come on and give it your best, no more less, I insist, I want it just like that,
Why don't you break my heart,
It sounds good to me,
Do it over again, again, again,
You're just what I need,
Why don't you break my heart yeah?
break it. ooh yeah.
Stare me down,, intimidate me,
baby please, you'll never break me,
bring it on, cause i can take it,
you're so cool, the way you play it,
Oh you can do whatever you like, it sounds good to me,
Chorus again

(Thanks to Kate for these lyrics)

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