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Papoose - Love Is A Battlefield Lyrics

I wanna have a toast
They said I'd never make it here.
But now you hear my music everywhere
Yea, We bout to be millionaires
So let's all have a toast, cheers.
To all the ladies everywhere.
You and your man been together for some years.
Love is a Battlefield but you still there. So this toast is for y'all, cheers.
I don't care if you drinkin wine or beer.
Everybody put your cups in the air.
Celebrate life if you still here.
And let's all have a toast, cheers.
You give me money and fame
And all I got to do is entertain.
My beautiful rap game. I Love You. (Love is a Battlefield).
You the watch on my wrist, the ice in my ring.
Bling Bling look at the diamonds in my chain.
My iced out jewelry. I Love You (Love is a Battlefield)
You my new desert eagle. My glock wen I aim.
All you hear is shoot em up Bang Bang
My fully loaded pistol I Love You. (Love is a Battlefield)
Work like a slave eat like a king.
We do it for the love of material things.
I'm a show this industry the definition of a buzz.
By the way that's word to everything I love.

We are strong
No one can tell us were wrong
Searching our hearts for so long
Both of us knowing...
Love is a Battlefield

I love brand new cars I love real money
I love expensive clothes I love gettin gully
I love fitted hats love new sneakers
The latest cell phone with all the new features
I love kosher foods I love being healthy
I love a big ass house I love being wealthy
I love purple haze I love chocolate ta
I love 2 get high
You gave birth to me. Took my virginity the same
You between every females legs.
I love pussy simple and plain (Love is a Battlefield)
I love doing shows hearing the fans when they clap
And I love you back
I love having fun love a good party
Bartender crystaal 4 everybody.

Y'all made a change in hip hop
Don't understand y y'all had to get shot
Damn I love biggie and pac (Love is a Battlefield)
Big Pun, Freeky tah and all of the rest
Who sacrificed life for the love of success
It's a four letter word with mass appeal
It's like we at war love is a battlefield
For the love of money we become gangsters and thugs
Jus because nobody wanna spread love
In relationships wen a individual hurtin they harm themselves for the love of another person
Love is a battlefield I'm a give you some help
Before you love anybody gotta love yourself
Work like a slave eat like a king. We do it for the love of material things.


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