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Lloyd Banks - Hip Hop Drunkies Freestyle (Cutmaster C) Lyrics

Let's go nigga! (that's right)
Lloyd Bank$ nigga!
Humpty 4 nigga! (4 nigga!)
I'm that grown nigga!
All y'all bitch-ass niggas...
Runnin' outta Bronx!
It's nothin'! (Hah!)
I got 100 more than shits!
You want one?
Don't be the next nigga! (don't be next!) {LLOYD BANk$! }

What don't y'all get off of my dick, I got an album to do
I spit a punchline now you won't get til 2002. {WOOOOAA! }
I know your type, get wild with a crew
And get found powdery blue! - You can't be proud to be you!
I get love like a child with a flu. - You don't want to battle me!
The response from the crowd'll be (OOOOUUUUUUUU!)
Don't matter if you my age or old as my pops {SHIT! }
I got something for new beef that come straight out the box (STRAIGHT OUT THE BOX NIGGA!)
It's nothing to bag your bitch, have her holding my cock (UH-HUH!)
Doing laundry half naked folding my socks. (SOCKS!)
I know niggaz that I grew up with - that roll with the cops
And got found beat the fuck up! - Swollen with knots.
Brother fucking up in school so I told him to stop. (uh-huh!)
Cause if the coach see your grades he ain't holding your spot (COME ON!)
I got plans to leave my neck and hands frozen with rocks
So every bitch watch when I pose on the block! (BREAK IT DOWN!)
When my flow hit the top! (UH-HUH!) - It's the rose or the drop. (Break it down!)
Bring the weed and speeding on the road with the wop. (whooo!)
Play hot boy and get a cold winter chop;
Come back quarter roll hole in your top! (BLAAAT!) {AAAAHHH! }
The hoe love the way I put her toes in a knot
Blows in her spot, middle finger rows your block. (FUCK YOUR BLOCK!)
They say I'm to smart to rhyme
So niggaz want me in that newest spring wear. - Called: "Chalk Design"!
I love vanilla to the chocolate kinds
So I don't show up at parades! - Unless it's for the march of dimes.

Round 2! {Y'all niggas thought it was over? }
You ready nigga? {The shit ain't over! }
Uh, uh! (Part 2!)
Look! {YEEAH! }

If words could kill - I'd probably average a body a bar.
Beef I put air holes in the side of your car. (aaahh!) {HAHA! }
Dro come with smiley faces on the side of jar
Blades put smiley faces on the side of your jaw. {Whoooooooooooooooo! }
I'm sick of the law, gamble throw trips on the floor
Fuck a tour, I send you on a trip to the floor
I'm like friends that borrow clothes. - Quicker to draw,
Dipped in velour, since a kid shoplift in the store. (COME ON!)
You should've listened before, something hot slipped in the door
Name Bank$! - Hard dicking your whore! (OOHH!)
I'm too much for one borough! - Y'all can all get a piece of Lloyd
Beef'll show up on your porch like pizza boys!
Teachers gave me F's so I gave the teachers noise (FUCK YOU!)
Who ever thought a drop out'd be on the beach with toys!
I got four arms, two for fighting!
One for fucking! - My other one'll have you ducking (UH-HUH!)

(Round 3 nigga!) {YEEEAH! Round 3! }
Let's go... nigga! {One more time Bank$! }

I know why you mad, somebody told I was hot didn't they,
Well cover your nose I got a whole lot of shit to say! (WOOOO!)
You sound like me, spit it in a different way,
You ain't write no hits? - Nigga put your wrist away!
Every time you see me, I'm looking like it's picture day
I'm athletic! - I dip dive, shit for the spray. (BLAAT!)
I'm the best no surprise, buts, if, or mays
I put DNA all up in your bitches braids. {ALL UP IN YOUR BITCHES BRAIDS! }
How you eating when you skinny like you sick with AIDS (uh-huh!)
Beating me will never happen like nick parades. (okay!)
While you inhaling nickel bags, I'm blowing out a fifth of haze
I'm a be around when the forget the Jays!
No free-bes! - Now you gotta pay me bucks!
I turn niggaz like you - into baby butts!
And I ain't DJ! - But I give you eighty cuts.
Nigga I'm a grown ass man go battle lady luck! {GO BATTLE LADY LUCK! }


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