There For Tomorrow - Wish You Away Lyrics

Where do you go when you listen
to nobody else but yourself?
Where do you go?
You're so far from the willing.
You're in such a rush not to tell
so where do you go?
Oh, when getting in where you fit in
doesn't get you one single thing,
Where will you go?
When the secrets
that you've been keeping
get a hold of nothing at all,
I'd like to know.

Can I wish you away
until you find your place
in this world it's so hard
to get a feel.
And all you do is wait
for that one little taste.
You're so caught up inside
to know what's real.
But until you've had all you can take
I'll wish you away.

So where do you go when forgetting
what you had in store for yourself?
Drags me along...
Because you keep running in circles.
You're blinded by everything
Just ask me if I know where to go.
But until you've had all you can take...
Oh, but until you've had all you can take...

Can I wish you away?
(would you really go there alone?)

You said you'd be gone just another minute.
You're too far off to still he in it.
Don't act like your sleeping
when I can see you're wide awake.

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