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Cassidy - Na Na Nana Na Na Freestyle Lyrics

If it's beef then um blammin' off da hamma,
I squeeze like a orange but the clip is a bananna,
I'm quick to snap like dem niggas in atlanta,
Cause I don't give a fuck nigga, I ain't got no manners
If I ever get a chance tuh
Put my hands uh
Round ya neck
Yes umma choke ya like lung cancer
An leave ya assed out
Like a stripclub dancer
Cause I ain't got no love for u scramblers
And I
Wear alotta juelz like ya man santana
Stuntin is a habbit but I ain't david banner
Man I
Grind for my mom and my nana
Cass need toys lil shane need papers
Some people think um broke
Some people think um paid
But I don't give a fuck
How much u think I made
I stay strapped if he think he brave
I'll squeeze at his knees
Just to watch him do da stanky leg


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