Vybz Kartel - ABC Sex Lyrics

Good Morning Class
She say good morning sir
Yuh ready fi di spellin
Dat mean say yuh pussy start swellin
Dis a nuh dollas
Yuh nuh Sue Ellen
Yuh nuh have nuttin sellin
One man inna yuh dwellin
(A how dat now)
Nuh di one Kartel him

Verse 1:
Some girl P-U-S-S-Y D-E-E-P
And it big like di P-L-A-N-E-T
One man yuh fi fuck alone dat a M-E
Mi ting B-I-G
But nuh H-I-V
True my buddy S-W-E-E-T
Like C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E
Mi E-A-T
Cook M-E-A-T
Bun di G-A-Y
And bow C-A-T

We F g's
Juss let me get yuh P-U-N-A-N-Y
Dont ask why just sen on di V-A-G-I-N
We F g's
Just let me get yuh P-U-N-A-N-Y
Dont ask why

Verse 2:
A my buddy
Is your pussy M-V-P
Turn over back way B-E-N-D
Fi mi mek a deposit like N-C-B
Cuz your punany likkle like a MP3
Cuz yuh know say my buddy one hour long
Like T-R-L pon M-T-V
Every fish a get trap inna N-E-T
An my mari fly higher den 10 ET


Verse 1


Verse 2

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