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PRINCE - (There'll Never B) Another Like Me Lyrics

It Really Don'T Matter Who U Get With
Cuz It Just Ain'T Meant 2 B

It Really Don'T Matter
Cuz U Never Shoulda Woulda,
Even Coulda Been Like Me

Eye Can Get U What U Want Anything
At All Girl All U Gotta Say Is Please
Ask Ur Mother Ur Sister Ur Brotha
There'Ll Never B Another
Never B Another Like Me

Late Afternoon Slipped Outta My Bed
Turned Up The Stereo
About 2 Raise The Dead

Slipped In The Bathroom
Put Some Olive Oil In My Hair
Walked In The Closet
Tryin' 2 Find Something 2 Wear

Then I Check My Emale
2 C Where The Party B
Change The Names 2 Protect The Guilty
And Get Ready 2 Creep
Should Eye Bring Somebody
Or Dance Alone?
It Don'T Matter 2 Me U'All
Cuz 2nite Is On


Bout A Half Past Ten And Eye'M On My Way
Heard U Had A Fine Little Puerto Rican Dj
If She Ain'T Got Prince'S New Song
There Is Gonna B A Scene
Cuz Eye Can'T Stand Nobody Cussin'
At Me When I'M Clean

Arms All Around Me
Soon As Eye Hit The Door
Good Thing I Ate My Spinach
U'Re Thicker Than B4
Oh What'S This Boy Doing
Y He Makin' That Face
Don'T He Know Eye Have Crazy Friends With Me
Ready 2 Tear Up This Place?


Can'T U C This Is Inevitable
What'S The Use In Wastin' Time?
U And Me We Could Be Com4table
All That Takes Is 4 U 2 Make Up Ur Mind
So Now What'S The Matter?
U And Me, We Both Dimes
Said We Were
All Them Other Pennies Should Scatter
We Ought Not Waste This Time
That'S Y…


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