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Chargebox - Misery & Happiness Lyrics

just a signal overhead
still dancing in the crowds below
there's a shadow underneath
big lights above me
the siren rolls in
just a mirror of dismay
just an evidence, of all we're left to prove
and i swing, and i swing across the city

swagger in the sun
the crows dance at your feet
time is melting down
coherent is their speech
cactus speaks the tongue
this party is despair, of what's due and begun
of what we must prepare..

misery and happiness
all go hand in hand
this misery, like happiness
brings us mystery, oh yeah, oh yeah

the wolves unleash the guns
the terror of the shunned
tied up to blackened flames
the ghouls become the guards
why has this earth gone stale?
how come, we've grown so frail?
why do you lead me here?
how come it's turned to fear?

scream out from the blackness
vultures at your feet
she's just frowning at me now
inner black crow, in her black robe
claws snatch, lock the tongue
this misery and happiness

Thanks to Razvan

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