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Chargebox - Closing The Stitch Lyrics

seven feet high
and six arms to crawl attack
these people will scream to define
in a new world now
please don't move so fast
tranquil as i seem
i'm still not as detached
as some of you aught to seem, and be

is it any surprise, that i walk away
am i, open dazed?
in this parallel cage
dose by dose, reject the cures
some don't mix as well
some of us will find out.. why, why, why,...

we pray
for the better standings
when the outcome stays inevitable
as we dance in the fires
the ones that cross our tongue
in motion. we stand beside our hearts.. our..

beneath the cloth
as i close the very last stitch
to open a new walk of life for me
just like the others
linear thoughtless clones
just drones
shifting amongst the order
of our lives
in one perpetual show

grab your ticket cause the shows about to start
is it yours? or the viewing of another life?
i try to see, but my senses are gone
at least for today, theres a drone in every head and ache
last subtle pain (last subtle pain)
no one's left astray.. to evade..

curtain calls.. but time will roll on
bring forth everyone and let's see who makes it
past sunrise
from all the bumps in the night
when all is said and done, from me, in this release
will i find my key? when WILL I FIND my key?

just give me a second to have some air inside my cage
[just to have some air inside my cage]
JUST A SECOND TO SOME AIR.. inside my cage

Thanks to Razvan

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