Lloyd Banks - Need To Be 1 Lyrics

Fuck what you hear fuck you you hear it from
They going to let their mouth run til the murder come
Murder one I'm all over baby ain't heard of them
I'll show the finer thing you don't deserve a bum
Where I'm from shots rung bodies hung
All over nothin probably crumble small things in the slums
Change swingers I come
Come by I'm lay back I'm high
Bet I fuck you out your knots and your back untied
I'm be in Lambghi being I'm so fly
You can't seem in my denim beam rides rode by
Where I'm from Coliseum leave they mouth all wide
Eat, sleep, shit, walk talk about Southside
FGYI about the moves I will never break
These niggas feathered weight don't trust em if they hesitated
1500 horses and I'm pushing til' the pedal break
You little niggas pedaling I'm heavy on whatever state
I like my ten or nine not seven eight
Cherry red rose give a hoe a lemon face
Fuck a hater 24/7 on the cheddar chase
Eat a bullet tell how the mack-11 taste
My chick the only one that call me and her head is great
Beat a nigga dead break when I penetrate
Shits fucked up I''m holding on to old times
Black with money Bank$ convicted to both crimes
All icey and my dick is a gold mine
They want cash out no slipping in '09
Flew around the world been pimpin' the whole timin'
With a bad nite you'll walk out limpin' no lyin'
You can't be around me trippin' I hold iron
If they about that bullshit I roll by em
You mite me handin out lies with no providin'
You like the shoe she got on then go buy em
No more scandal time Kobe Bryant
Ain't nobody cold as I am don't try him
The right stroke will have them spying and nerve tryin
Uncontrollable cryin' and throat tying

You need to be with me bitch
I'll show you things you ain't see is
I ain't clean I'm the cleanest
I represent the dreamers
From the clubs to arenas
Your main girls seen us
Now we goin' to start from the beams
Take em to the hotel and show em how the three is


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