GORILLA ZOE - Dreams Lyrics

What if there was no trap, was no crack
Peace in the hood, nobody had gats
No drug wars, no need to rob
No check fraud, everybody had jobs.

Paint a perfect picture, of a life picture perfect.
No crimes no murder so there's no funeral service to attend to.
Erase what you been through, turn your life around
And the whole world commends you, I tend to
Dream about things that we can do
Think about the things that you did do, I can't judge
I send to, but most things we think about are pitied to,
Just another generation coming after me and you.

What If, what if, Life was just a dream
We can't seem to wake up, hidin behind the make up
Welcome to my nightmare,
Someone please pinch me, cause I can't seem to wake up
No one's here to save us, I wonder if my life's a dream.

What if slavery was prison, what if everything we learned
Came from television, And they treated us like children
Wanna talk to the priest, but he's playin with the children
Lock me up for a sentence the money laundering million
Wow that's a whole lot to think about, it comes from the heart
So I spit it out my mouth, it don't matter where your from
The north or the south, the east or the west
We dream in the same house, sleep on the same couch
Sweatin from nightmares, no matter what you plot
We praying the same prayers, feel the same pain
We share the same tears, living the same life
In a world that's not fair.

What if kids could go to school,
And didn't have to worry about there peers being cool.
Or what if it really wasn't cool to rock jewels
And if you rocked jewels, they looked at you like a fool
I'm telling you what it do, I'm talking about my dream
Dream like dr. kind, I ain't tryna preach to ya.
I'm tellin ya what I've seen, I'm tryna paint a scene
Let me tell you what I mean, we come from a rich land
We was all born kings, the women were all queens
Inheritance through jeans, but look at us all now.
So what does it all mean, I really couldn't tell yea
But it feels like a dream, I'm still in the trap surrounded by dope fiends.


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