Lloyd Banks - Special Lyrics

'Ey! {Whooooooooooooooo! }
'Ey nigga guess what! {"MO MONEY"! }
Ain't a damn thang changed! {"GANGREEN"! }

I can grab sixteen cars {DAMN} every sixteen bars (uh-huh!)
My flow hard! - These nigga's is whip cream soft. (whooo!) {Whooooo! }
And I can still hit you with the lip beam off
Leave four tire marks from a mink green Porche. (er! er!)
I got a hideout in the West so I stay warm
And hoes rushin' me without the tank spray on (ahaha!)
I'm in a Jet and there's green by the box in it
Headed to the A where they lean with it rock with it. {Whoooooo! }
All my rings got lil' green rocks in it (bling!)
Ridin' with a Radar, I can pick up the cops with it! (I see!)
What you know about? ! Who's in and out the house? ! (nothin'!)
New York nigga with old schools in and out the South. (UH!) {DAMN! }
I take a throw back, gold 'Lac and made it chrome
You can't get it your bread thin as a Razor phone. (AAARRRGGGHH!)
Do me a favor homes? ! - Stay out my way! (yeah!)
Every nigga that get in the way got to pay!
These fake ballers eatin' Hip-Hop away! (yeah!)
I'm Magic! I'm Bird! I'm Dr. J.! (yeah!)
I'm Kong! I'm Martin! I'm Malcolm X! (YEAH!)
He's cool, but I don't know about the rest. (whooo!)
I slept on these LPs since I left you.
I ain't like them other niggas, I'm SPECIAL! (SPECIAL!)
Rap got hoes runnin' in and out the biz' (fuck you bitch!)
Bitch don't watch me! Watch your kids! (KIDS!)
I'm stuntin'! - Worry about nothin'! (uh!)
These niggas frontin' or on drugs or somethin'. (whatchu want?)
You could drop the same day and still ain't this (naaah!)
And every nigga with a record deal ain't rich! (naaaah!) {Whoooooo! }
I'm a hit record babe, they give me the right pitch
I'm the real deal! - They phony and iceless. {M.O.! }
Get on that slippery shit! (uh-huh!) - And get your Dickies ripped. (uh-huh!)
With the same Shotgun, they shot Ricky with
A sweet dream is my mom on trips! (uh!)
A crib on a cliff and Sadams lil' bricks. (haha!) {DAMN! }
Bumpin' Blood Money on my way up town
And on my way back down I'm rollin' out a quarter pound - NOW! {Whooooo! }

Now... {CAN'T FORGET... }
Pal... {R. BUCKS! }
It's over! {OUTLAW! }
You ain't fuckin' with me nigga...
Huh? !

This is Lamonte Odom out the Los Angeles Lakers, Queens neither!
And you listenin' to G-UUUUNIT... Radio!
With my nigga... Lloyd Bank$!
DJ Whoo Kid! (YEAH!)


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