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LIL WAYNE - Brand New Nigga Lyrics

ridin round the city with some brand new heat
brand new car, brand new feet, brand new seats, brand new smell
put out the roach light a brand new L
fuck you bitch im actin brand new
fuck you bitch my shirt brand new
fuck you bitch my shoes brand new
fuck you bitch m actin brand new


im cold like a midnight in aspen i am the president and the assassin
cameras on big lights action welcome to the show i am the main attraction
money in the mattress money in the attic money on my mind money is my habit
stay on the grind until moneys automatic bitch i love money im a fucking fanatic
always strapped gripped tight graspin say what who me click clack blastem
chrome 24's tires thin like napkins
gotta ride big cause i am like a captain
you know im a boss chillin relaxin probably in my office doin my taxes
you litttle niggas so not in my bracket and i dont even have time to practice



actin ridiculous price ya camera has neva saw a picture this nice
hmm im fishin and the bitches will bite its probably cause my game is fixer than tight, right
im fuckin every bad bitch twice and if she doesnt wear panties then i fuck her on sight
im nasty like spice i know what she likes i can make a black woman scream like she white
i can make a white woman scream like mike
but before she start singin she gotta check my mike
niggas just hatin and i done lost sight its like i dont see em i only see the light
talkin that shit but you boys just hype i hope you bring a gun to the fight aight
loui v tennis shoes big brown stripe you think you fresh shit nigga im ripe



brand new coup drivin crazy than a mother
sittin low in the seats with the burner sittin unda
got my tank top
top down it probably aint summa but i ride like that cause im hotta than the others
damn theres no keepin up with a brotha man i can spell my name in burnt rubba im gone
leave me alone noe the dog is at suppa
you can wash my plate and put it back in the cupboard
aha im so far ahead of them suckas
ima have to start rappin in numbas i promise the flow wont stop
come rappin like thunda i betcha youll hide unda ya covas ahaha


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