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Lloyd Banks - Be That Way Sometimes Lyrics

Yeah, shouts to the ones that's real
Shots for the ones that ain't
Stabs for the type that tell
Dictate the next mans fate
As long as my legs stand straight
I'll be running to catch my cake
Bounty hunted and still get high
Ride till the day I die
Sigh when the jake ride by
Sprint when the jake car stop
Move too slow and you know where you're going
A trip to the gate, bye bye
You think you got 8-9 lives?
You think you can walk in my shoes?
You're smoking entirely too much,
Going against me, you lose.
What exactly does that prove?
Your bones ain't platinum, you bruise
I hold the ratchet and tool
Pop this bastard then bloom
I cop it, crash it, get two
I stop and laugh at your crew
Then hop through the top, cause there's no top
On top of that, I'm cool
And I ride with the gatt, rob who?
I'm a problem, in fact I'm two
I'm so calm on the track, I'm smooth
Go anywhere the fuck I choose
I ain't no normal nigga
Damn sure never been ordinary
Can't say the same for these other niggas
Bunch of shit you done saw already
Armoured kit, and the doors heavy
A nigga gun me, and it won't be there
I move like, the room right
Swear to god, only real niggas up in here
Money's my favourite smell
Kush is my favourite colour
I love her
And we don't party ways, cause I'm a smuggler
Hustler! I keep my mind locked in on my gwop and
I'm dime poppin and car shoppin
Thin vesting and 9 glockin
I can't never see crime stopping (why?)
Too many niggas ain't got nothing (right)
Random bodies in sacks dumpin
Most niggas wanna get a cocked something
That ain't you nigga, stop frontin
Cause I ain't never been no fool
You got your tool
And I got mine too
I'll turn you to a fucking pool
Life's so 'ooohh'
Nothing new
Fuck with those that fuck with you
I'm comfortable and I'm up to 2
Million more niggas hating
I've been waiting & I've been patient
Would have flipped if I werent caking
I'm a long way outta that basement
In that hallway higher than Satan
I ain't fall out on the pavement
I'm a call out and replace him
I'm a ball-out and disgrace him
In a mall out on vacation
I'm against whatever's against a G
This bitch industry ain't meant for me
It's full of girls, and punk niggas
That right there ain't the way to be
Fuck the law, I say it free
Even when they free my niggas, WE
Gonna be against the odds...
... dressed in expensive cars.


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