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Koop - Forces... Darling Lyrics

she had the force of nature
some say the force of hell
god took out an insurance
for when that angel fell
understandably jumpy
dark on the stairs
those hate and love brothers
did their night hits in pairs

now love sits beside him
to set out their case
dressed up words real pretty
all shotguns in lace
but when they was over
he got held by the seat
had some place to walk but
a look jumped off his feet

there's just a thought that
they'd been there to long
as shadows grow
they can't believe the pull
how the night had got so strong

forces, solid
I'll never run from you
forces, darling
I'll never run from you

back then things where different
a long time ago
south of hell's borders
saint peter just won't go
she knew of his dark side
aked was there no light
but he said "honey I'm the devil
it just wouldn't be right"

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