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Silje Nergaard - A Thousand True Stories Lyrics

I believe that starry skies
Would always dim our carefree days tonight
And would guide us, she said
That we would fear nothing
And now I see the flawless heart
Whose only wish is to be right
Feels how it's beaten for nothing

She told him everything got out of hand
And she lost touch with moments they had planned
Tried to make herself believe she'd never cared
And none of this is written there in stone, she said
It's based on a thousand true stories

I can see that all the signs
I made myself believe I hadn't seen
Are what hurt us, she said
There was no way of knowing
I wrote a play to fit the screen
Put our love and names up there in lights
But the gap went on growing

He told her everything just fell apart
So he had done his best to fool his heart
Tried to make himself believe he was alive
And none of this has come from me alone, he said
It's based on a thousand true stories

We hoped that light would just stay in our hands
That doubts would disappear and we would find
Our way back to the love that we had left behind
And none of this can happen on its own, they said
It's based on a thousand true stories

[source: Silje Nergaard album cover]

Thanks to Feyhera for correcting these lyrics

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