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Bow Wow - By Your Side Freestyle Lyrics

I'll be by your side yeah (uh huh)
I'll always find a way (I had to do this)
Sure will
I love too much
Oh by the way the gang is in the building
L b dub that is

By your side yeah through thick and thin
When I succeed we both win
Had differences but some how remain friends
When niggas talk slick about you
Who's the first one in
Homie I'm (by your side) me
Got a superstar as your wife
I went and got one so we could be just alike
Both got lambos, live the same lifestyle
Young fly and flashy, jermaine and bow wow
Man I'm (by your side)
(what up j) when you was on your last dollar
I tell rob to wire you a mil no problem
Shaniah's my lil sis and he never was around
And I'm talkin bout my pops
See you filled that spot
Man I'm (by your side)
Taught me evrything about the game
Even gave me my first iced out chain
And them haters gone hate, to hell what they say
And it's still sosodef, ain't shit change
Homie I'm (by your side)uh huh and you know it
You know that jd no matter what we go through
(what up big bro) you know what I'm sayin
I love you to death right (uh huh)
You know it's still sosodef
You already know man
I got it tattooed on my arm man
(by you side) you know what I'm sayin (yup)
What up tyron, I see you could be for the a

Uh huh now for my homies

Told em I'd get em up out of the hood (yup)
Gave all my niggas jobs
Now my boys eatin good (true)
Went from eating burger king
Now we all eatin lobsters (chow's)
Five star restauraunts, we dine like mobsters
I'm (by your side) what up bart
Yeah he from yonkers (yeah)
She is how you feel (yo) 22's on your charger
Klheo's my lil brother and jus is to
Shout out to short dog that completes my crew
Homie I'm (by your side) short dog
And my nigga dub, he rollin with the gang
Now the girls show him love
And loyalty's a must, see we a empire
From one another
We'll ride or die like ruff ryders
I'm (by your side) huh and you better know that
Cause if somethin pop off, I know they got my back
Yup bow to the weezy
And we friends like coudini
(by your side) you tell man
You know I hold it down for my crew
You know what I'm talkin bout, I make sure everybody eat you know what I'm sayin
(by your side)you know what I mean nike send boxes
And jordas send boxes of clothes and everything
I make sure my niggas get stuff too
You know what I mean, I can't be the only nigga
Walkin around in some fresh po
The whole crew gotta look fresh, know what I mean
(by your side) you now it's all about presentation baby, it's in presentation, you know what I'm sayin see that's what it's all about
That's what I do, you know I make sure everybody eat, you know what I mean, if you in my camp
You eatin, you know what I'm sayin regaurdless
That's just how I am
My momma be telling me like
You don't need to be all that
I'm like man momma you don't understand
Like that's just the code like, it's just the code
Yeah, you already know colombus I'll stand
(by your side) yeah 614 you know
And this is prince of the o
And everywhere I go I represent that o


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