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DOLLY PARTON - Holdin' On To Nothin' Lyrics

We're holding on to nothing left to hold ontoI'm so tired of holding on to nothin'The years have shown no kindnessFor the hard times we've been throughWe've squeezed the life from every dreamAnd still go right on bluffin'With really nothin' left to hold ontoChorus:Oh why do we keep holding on with nothing left to hold ontoLets be honest with each otherThat's the least that we can doI feel guilty when they envy me and youWe're holding on with nothing left to hold ontoWe were young and foolishly mistakenVictoms of a passion much too strong to be deniedWith only tears to show for all the years that we've been fakin'God only knows how long how hard we've triedRepeat chorusWe're holding on with nothing left to hold onto

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