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Politically Incorrect - You Ain't The One For Me Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Girl your the center of my irony
Cause you sure as heck ain't the one for me
Though you were as hot as a whistle, and thin as a pin
Girl lovin' you was as sure as sin
And I'm not quite sure where I have been

(Verse 2)
Though it was fun at first it didn't last
Cause there wasn't nothing you put me past
You called me a thief, and named me the liar
But Now I'm Taking One Road Higher
You may be on a roll, but I'm on fire

(Verse 3)
I'd pay a billion of anything to be freed
Cause girl you ain't even got me half-weak-kneed
But girl you think your the one for me
But girl you ain't the one for me
But I think I found the one for me

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