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Chamillionaire - Keep Hatin' Pt. II Lyrics

You da champ!

I like Floyd Mayweather
My flow better, my doe better
Fast and slow whatever you wanna do, let's go
You already know I go hard
I am the Mixtape Circuit God
Flow like a butterfly, sting like a? naa?
A bee don't sting as hard as C
You won't live after you get stung by me (ha)
No Pay-Per View tho, you can get that for free
Chamillionaire dot com don king
Get in the ring
I'm ready to go, eight rounds, nine rounds
Matter fact, let me knock em out first round

Never heard a rapper bragging this much
That's because I get it haters shut the F up
No one on the corner got a swagger this tuff
I'm the only one around who getting money like Puff
Grabbing my nuts while they turn the mic up
Losers on the net try'na tell me I suck
Couldn't name a rapper that I couldn't light up
And I realize I just had another light bulb
Bright idea, just like my ear
Maybe I should diss some other F to get press
Maybe I should tell Khaled that I go harder
Than all of the artist and I am the BEST!
Yes I am Texas, I am the freshest
Got to come down, got to come down
And when it come to spitting a fast and slow rhyme
I'm Jay and Jazzo and Twista combine

City I rule, and getting at you
Because me verse you isn't really a do
I pity the fool try'na get in my jewels
Tell security to move just give me my tool
I'm after your honey like I'm Winnie The Pooh
I'm telling her to strip down to get in my pool
She thinking is that what she really would do
And that she taking off her shirt and she telling me "cool"
Got all the paper, I ball my paper
And tho it down the toilet like it's toilet paper
Ain't my birthday but they know when I'm caked up
Forget a Superhead homie, ya'll can take her
I'm throw'd in the game, you know I'm insane
With no curse words, like the old Lil Wayne
I'm better than Michael, yep better than Jordan
Matter fact I'm the Kobe Bryant in the recording
You ain't important, I am the man
Do it all again homie that's the plan
And if it don't work I'm a get it demand
I got a car in my contact that say that I can
Mixtape God or the Mixtape art
Bench warmers better play they mixtape part
You a retard, get played hard
Go against me that's a mistake, bwoy

Paparazzi still try'na take my photo
Got a drop top when I'm up in my photo
I be by myself cause these boys act homo
And I don't mess with ya'll, yet I still roll solo
If you disrespect me, then I'm a respect you
If you don't respect me, then I'm yelling F U!
I treach you like a stepchild you don't wanna step to
The Mixtape God, so I'm yelling "Bless you"
Ah choo!


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