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Mygrain - Translucent dreams Lyrics

Bury me down and dig up the hole,
take another step to steal my soul
Drowning control to feed the flames of translucent dreams
Like a fly reaching to the light,
blinding eyes and drifting out of sight
It's burning you low,
when too much is not enough for you...

Stars align fractions of eternity
I'm lost in false sense of security
Constellation to holes in the bleeding sky
Spirit emulating creature,
peeling in as something dies
Interweaved to its web, crasping our lives

Mind tricks behind my eyes
Plugged in to follow my demons in disguise

Stars aligning fragments of the memories
Parallel truth, awaken in translucence
Sealed by this deadened song
Sinking in toneless comatose
(Come and tear my skin, fear what's within...)
Its massive darkness filling my world
Submerged rage writing unspoken words

Dig in to yourself and bury the bones
Delve inside to drown in oblivion's holes
Come and tear my skin, fear what's within
Explore my every sin and shed my skin

Thanks to razvan

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