Mygrain - Pitch-Black Lyrics

This can't be real
Your presence I'd like to steal
When the words meet the rhyme
You make me feel all dead inside
And now I paint my heart red
'Cause it's all black instead
Feel the knots pulling tighter
This silence is getting louder

Reach out for the good
To discover your piece of truth
My mind stays in the past
Don't want it to last/
/should be viewing ahead
Pulling these demons out of my head
Off my head

This memory I obtained from you
It's sweet and painful and all so goddamn true
I'm choking back this every single day
It makes me want to get away
And leaves the pitiless price to pay
These scars are here to stay
Shaped in different ways

Silence shrieking so loud
Blowing on my conscience cloud

Found within desire
Bitter red in my eyes so wide
Obscure ciphers caught inside
Twisting me another way around
Inside - pitch-black pinning me down

Reveries in disparity
Facing concrete's nettling kiss
Swarming clouds in this city
Pouring rain on me and taking all sincere

Can't you see it's all so bitter?
Take a solitary move for something better
My urges to repel
Forming my liquid cell
Blind flying with nothing to tell

Thanks to razvan

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