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Lloyd Banks - I Do This For This Block Lyrics

This for my nigga man
I do it for his block
I do it for this block
I do it for his block
I do it for this block

Ugh I do it like it's more than
Just music sider spiritually
Lyrically theraputic how I shoot
It you would think I was tuted
Eversince I was recruited I punched
On beats black n blued it who would
Really wanna go I get silly with
The flow keep the milli when I roll
Through the city hittin dro do I pity
Niggas no the epidamey of flow new york
City on my back back to back lambo's
I'm the sickest one spitten it cigarette
With the dipp in it I bang green but got
Goons bloodin and crippin it pimpin it
My reigns infinite I fell in love with
The street remain intamit the ak my instrument
F'in wise niggas can't see with the naked
Eye weapon by niggas gone give me my respect
If I get on a rapper he won't greive to get a
Second try first of all I would serve em all
Like exercise two bitches at a time new nickel
Nine pitsburg pee line you won't get through mine
Big spurr we flyin keep the pistol by him niggas
Think everything funny but it don't tickle dyien
And niggas cripple by him ride for most the night
Think crystal buyin long as niggas trying I'll be
Grip relyin poverty hip providen slide when they
Hit the side and why would I trust a tramp don't
Won't no stitches by him skip the sucker shit still
Screamin fuck a bitch they coming by the curnal and
I pop em for the fuck of it what's up with it you can't
Fit my shoe it's a custom fit you know what I'm accustomed
To car dealer customer red carpet company loui v comforter
Shorty with a whole lota junk in the trunk with her
The eyes don't lie and I can see a sign through shades
Behind the tint of the s and ya'll behind some greys
Monopolized new phase your profit rise you save don't go
Splurgen it ain't been off the block 2 days go get a glock
N 2 kays no laughin if it's fuck me it's fuck you more
I'm old fashioned

It ain't for the awards or the bitch ass props
I do it for this block I do it for this block
I do it for this
Ain't no rules in hip hop get rude get shot
I do it for this block I do it for his block
I do it for this block

This for the hood
It's all good
I'm outta here
Get at me
I do it for his block


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