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Bo Burnham - Welcome to youtube Lyrics

I used to walk through life, now I frolic.
Youtube has been like a father to me,
Except Youtube's not an alcholic.
Before Youtube I was just a skinny white kid,
that thought he was funnier, & cooler
than he actually was.
and now not much has changed,
but I have a shitload of money.

Because Youtube is a place for people to share their ideas.
If by people you mean
13-year-old girls,
and by ideas you mean
how they love the Jonas Brothers.
I'm just kidding
But let's be honest,
that's a hefty majority.
And if you don't believe me
You must be a noob

So, Welcome to Youtube!
You don't know what you're missing,
and just by searching,
"Women Kissing".
-It's Youtube!
This country's been needing a
generation of kids who
don't waste their time reading.
Am I the only one who thinks that
Lisa Nova's hot?
And Chris Crocker's not...
he's hotter.

Most of the best Youtubers
are either asian or their gay.
So if there's an untapped
youtube celebrity,
and his name is George Takei
and your favorite coat
has a doo-doo stain.
I pray to god that it's
chocolate rain
And I find videos of
babies laughing a bit intrusive.

Because Barack Obama won the election because of Youtube
Wait, did I say youtube?
I meant the black vote
And I think Youtube and Fred are
"So Cool!"
And What The Buck!
will be back in a jiffy lube

So, Welcome to Youtube!
So, Welcome to Youtube!
Welcome to Youtube!
I said, listen and linger,
Charlie the Unicorn bit my finger!
It's youtube!
The impact is evident.
Miss Teen South Carolina just ran for Vice President!
Upload a video,
You have nothing to lose!
except all your friends...
& the approval of your parents...
"Hi, my Mary, and I'm 19 years-old
I got drunk at a party, and I think someone
was video-taping it, but I don't want
anyone to see it, cuz
I showed half of my boob!"
Sorry Mary!--

Welcome to Youtube!
Say Hello to Youtube!
Say goodbye to your College Scholarship.
And it will keep on going and it'll never stop!
Until it's privatized.

Thanks to Paul Todino

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