The Brightlife - Wake Up Lyrics

Come on now, you should have figured out The memories we wear upon our sleeves Are all we have and what we were all about But now there dissipating in the breeze Can you feel the tide Tearing from inside But if I sing to you tonight Will everything turn out alright Through these sights you aim, as I?m screaming your name You shoot these bullets through the stale airwaves So come on baby lets make this worth our time Because there?s something in the air tonight We?re burning down all our worn out bridges And we?re ripping out all our flaws We?ll start it up everything all over With barely anything left at all Can you feel the air we?re your favorite nightmare So put ?em up now baby come on So if you need to be reminded When this melody rings clear If your concerns are being widespread Just let these words invade your ears So throw ?em if you feel alright ?Cuz you know everything will be alright Put ?em up it you feel alright

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