Vybz Kartel - Broad Daylight Lyrics

Wi reach 33 degrees
An mi a seh wait
Heights a evil

3 a clak inna di mawnin
Wen dem a walk up and dung wid dem tall ting
Wi ave dem oman pan wi cocky head bawlin
Mi nuh luk fi bwoi a nite

Mi murda people inna broad daylite
Six pants mi walk wid cah di ak lite
A wa do sum bwoy
Weh win a play play flite
Wi a hot head
Weh strap up like a airplane flite

Dem bwoi deh jus start bad
You no how long we bloodcloth bad
From skool days
Wi a shot man
Middle day
Ask di man
Weh sell bloodcloth crab
Tings weh mi do
People tel mi mi mus guh a hell
Pussyy mi nuh mus no god
Dis teacha
Di hol a portmore mad
Dem charge mi fi murda
Mi guh tru di court door glad
Witness no seh di ting set a way
Mi kuff koff kwef midday
Kuff koff kwef wid di six pants
A nuh kid play
Gaza nah role wid k
Mi get my rifle dem
From di us of a
A cologne alone him spray
You tink mi a jus deejay
Ask wataford people how mi stay

Yuh tink
Man jus a talk dis
Mi live dis
An mi breed dis
An mi walk dis
Suh memba
Da dawg ya a nuh ratty
Wen bark dis
Watch mi
Bullseye you fren bighead
Beca mi nah miss
Di gun weh stephen cloth middleday
Bring down dawkniss
Wen dem roun a di office
Gwaan like thug
But u a di sofiss
You no mi long time
You no seh mi hartliss
No seh you caa diss
My boss a nuh bowas
You an you fren deh a toilit
Wen gyal waa piss
Postitue an crackhed
Walk a nite


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