Youth Group - Sorry Lyrics

Did you find what you were looking for in room 13 of the sixteenth floor?
Did it all become suddenly clear to you?

Do you find what you are hoping for in the silence between his snores?
Did you find it there at 3am?

Here's a new dress, do you fit it?
Did you find it? Oh you didn't?

Well I'm so sorry.
So sorry.
I'm so terribly, terribly sorry.

Did you find what you were looking for, looking out onto Rue Balfour?
Don't you know these streets are so romantic in the rain.

Do you find these European handball players beautiful?
I can't help it, I'm just the same as you.

I held a candle and you lit it.
Did you find it? Oh, you didn't?

Did you find what you were looking for? Oh, I just don't care anymore.
It's a free world. Go out and be an artist

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